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Everyone will meet Saturday, April 28th at 8am at the church campus. Remember to wear your Serve t-shirt or a red t-shirt if you have one.

Our first Serve Day this year will be on April 28th. Part of the focus for Cornerstone Church is community outreach, and on Serve Day, we will be going out of our four walls to reach out to the community.

For Serve Day 2018, our Small Groups are planning projects to reach out to the people in our local community. Projects could be cleaning up someone’s yard, visiting a local hospital or nursing home or handing out doughnuts or bottled water at different spots around town.

The size of the project doesn’t matter – what matters is that we are spreading God’s love to our community. Our goal for Serve Day is for the body of Christ to be united, spreading the hope of Jesus in tangible ways.

Our hope is that Serve Day 2018 is a spark that lights a fire in people to serve not just for this one day but EVERY DAY.

Testimony from Serve Day 2018 - Just wanted to say a quick thank you guys for the ministry on Saturday. I’m a pastor from a country called Moldova, just visiting in town on a ministry trip. I went on the long run and didn’t pick up any water. Halfway through my run someone from your church handed me a bottle of water. That was a huge encouragement 🙂 what a way to reach out to the community. I think it’s a great idea I will take back home to my country. May God bless you in the work of the gospel. Teammates in Christ, Pastor E


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For questions, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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