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Online Campus

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Gathering Times:

Sunday at 11:30 am


We are excited to announce the opening of Cornerstone Church’s Online Campus this Sunday. Cornerstone Live will give you the opportunity to enjoy many of the same things that are available with an in-person gathering, but it will all take place online. It’s not just streaming the service on the internet – it’s church on the internet.

For millions of people around the world, life happens online. With Cornerstone’s Online Campus, we will now be able to meet and minister to people where they are, even if they aren’t able to join us in person. Wherever you are, you can gather to worship with us at

Cornerstone Live will feature the entire Sunday experience of great worship and an amazing message, but that isn’t all. The Online Campus also includes interactive chat with other church members and guests, dedicated online pastors, a team that will pray privately with you via online chat, a web ministry that is ready to serve our online congregation, and a safe and secure way to give online. You will also be able to link up with your YouVersion Bible app account to follow along with scriptures, highlight verses that speak to you and take notes to help you remember the message.

We have been working hard over the past few weeks to upgrade equipment, enhance our online streaming quality and implement programs and software to make Cornerstone Live as effective and enjoyable as possible. We will continue to live stream services to Facebook and YouTube, but for the best quality and most interactive experience, check out

You can join us for Cornerstone Live on Sunday mornings at 11:30 am. We look forward to meeting you at church online this week! You will have to provide your own coffee, though. 😊 See you soon!


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