Finding A Small Group For You

If you've looked over the list of groups that are beginning this semester, you must have noticed that there is a wide variety of subjects,times, and locations of the different groups. If you see a group that interests you, you can contact the group leader to find out more information about the group or to let the leader know that you would like to attend the group.



You may have looked over the list of groups, but didn't find a group that meets at a time or location that would work with your schedule. Or, you may have looked over the list, but didn't find a group that involves a subject or activity you are interested in.

If either of these scenarios are the case, we would really like to help you find the group that will be perfect for you. Please contact the church office at 706-234-4923 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will help you find a group that fits you.



If you are new to Cornerstone and don't know a lot of people yet, joining a Small Group is a great way for you to meet other church members. It may be a little uncomfortable contacting someone you have never met, so you can just contact the church office and we would love to help you get connected with a group.