Lead a Small Group

We believe that Cornerstone Church must grow larger and smaller at the same time. How can that happen? Through small groups. Small groups allow a church to grow larger yet maintain close friendships. Because groups grow people and churches, they are vital to the Christian experience. We want to make it easy for members to lead a small group because we know how important healthy relationships are. Each group leader chooses their own topic or activity, meeting time and meeting place.

Groups are created around the leader's interests and ideas. If you are interested in a certain topic or activity, chances are that there are others in the Cornerstone congregation who share those same interests. We would like to get you connected with those people. For example, if you already take your kids to the park every month, we can help you find other families in the church who would love to join you. Not only would your kids have a great time playing with other kids, you would have some time to connect with other parents without taking more time away from your family. You would be surprised what you have in common with others if you just take a little time to connect.

With everyone's busy schedules these days, it can be hard to find extra time for additional activities. If you could meet with others at a time that works for you, doing activities that you love to do, with new friends that share common interests with you, then leading a group would become an experience that anyone would enjoy.


If you are interested in leading a small group, please click the link below and complete the Small Group Leader form.

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If you are an approved small group leader, please click the link below and complete the Small Group Directory form.

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