21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

At Cornerstone Church, we believe prayer should be the foundation of everything we do. We make it a priority to seek God first in prayer. We do this collectively as a church in January through 21 Days of Prayer. Throughout the Bible, we see the importance of giving God our first and best, and that is why we want to begin the year in prayer. Together, we faithfully seek God first, trusting in His power alone to create lasting impact in our world.

We know that prayer has the power to change hearts and lives, so we ask you to agree with us in prayer this January. You don’t have to pray at a special place or a special time each day. You might pray first thing in the morning in your car on the way to work, or your best time might be in the evening after the kids are in bed and you finally have some quiet time to yourself. Whatever time you decide to pray will be a great time to meet with God.

We have made a list of prayer points for each day of the week, and we will be posting daily reminders on social media so we can all be praying for the same things each day. We want to pray for our church and families, but we also want to pray for others in our community, our country and the world.


Digital Content:

 • Pray First Book - Learn how to pray.

 Daily Prayer & Fasting Guide - List of daily prayer topics.


Prayer Topics:

Week 1:
January 6 - Cornerstone Church and 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting
January 7 - Church Leaders (Pastors, Elders, Staff, Group Leaders, Volunteers)
January 8 - Our Government Leaders – Nation, State and City
January 9 - Our City – Local Outreach in Rome & Floyd County
January 10 - Our Nation – National Outreach and Revival in America
January 11 - Our World – International Outreach
January 12 - Unity within our Nation and our Community (Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Racial Reconciliation)

Week 2:
January 13 - Cornerstone Church and 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting
January 14 - Cornerstone’s Vision for 2019 - One Hope for Every Heart
January 15 - Pastor Jody and Weekend Messages
January 16 - Small Groups (Leaders and Members)
January 17 - E|Two:Twenty & Volunteers
January 18 - The Lost (family members and those who attend church services)
January 19 - Unity in Cornerstone Church

Week 3:
January 20 - Cornerstone Church and 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting
January 21 - Families and Marriages
January 22 - Children & Students
January 23 - Our Specific Needs (health, finances, family members, etc.)
January 24 - My Personal Vision for 2019 (stronger relationships, freedom from habits and/or debt, etc.)
January 25 - Personal Freedom and Deliverance
January 26 - Unity in the Body of Christ


Jan 6-26 // 21 Days of Connection

A Community Wide Prayer and Fasting Event

We will meet together on weekdays for the 21 days from 12:00–1:00PM to pray together. This will be at The Well at West Rome Baptist because of it's central location, but could also be moved to strategic locations throughout the city during the fast.

Visit 21daysofconnection.com for more information.


Jan 27 // Community Wide Worship Service

This January we are joining with other churches across Rome & Floyd County to begin 2019 with 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, ending with a community wide worship service on Sunday, January 27th at 6pm held at West Rome Baptist Church.