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Bible Reading Plan Ideas

#1. The One Year Bible
Purchase online or at a local bookstore, or view for free at

Choose from numerous whole Bible reading plans.

#3. Read 3 chapters of the Bible a day.
You would read through the entire Bible in one year.

Choose from numerous whole Bible reading plans.



// via iTunes search the below titles in the iTunes store

#1. Gateway Church - Robert Morris

#2. Church On The Move - Willie George


#4. Trinity Fellowship - Jimmy Evans

#5. - Craig Groeschel

#6. The Potters Touch - Bishop TD Jakes


Recommended Books

// Check out for great prices on the below books!

#1. Ten Steps Toward Christ by Jimmy Evans

#2. The Remnant by Larry Stockstill

#3. The Fearless Life by Jentezen Franklin

#4. The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

#5. The Blessed Life by Robert Morris

#6. How To Worship The King by Zach Neese

#7. Marriage On The Rock by Jimmy Evans

#8. The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread by Richard Booker


Bible Study Resources

#1. Strong's Concordance

#2. Matthew Henry Commentary

#3. Vine's Expository Dictionary



Quiet Time Ideas

// Your environment makes a big difference.
A "Quiet Time" is the daily practice of intentionally spending time with God in prayer and study in the quiet environment where you can focus and hear from the Lord.

#1. Find a location that is peaceful in your life.
Your Home, Outside, A Park, A Walk, The Woods, Near A River, Break At Work

#2. Utilize your Bible reading time and try journaling your thoughts.
As you read the Word, the Lord will speak to you and give you direction in your life.

#3. Check out Gateway Devotionals online.


Free E-Bibles



#3. // The Bible App

#4. // Bible For Kids App


#6. The Glo Bible App