New Sunday Service Times

This summer we combined our weekend services into one service on Sundays, and we believe the combined services were a huge success. We have noticed more people connecting with others as well as more unity during the services.

We have also heard from many of you that you have enjoyed the combined services.

One of our priorities at Cornerstone is unity, and we are excited to see even more people connecting with the church and with one another in the future.

So after much prayer, we have decided to continue with one combined service on Sundays. Beginning August 5, 2018 the new Sunday service time will be 10:00am.

We are looking forward to continuing to see the positive connections we have seen during the summer, and we are excited for our church to be able to continue to worship together as a family.

As we grow closer to one another and grow in our relationship with God, we believe our church will be better able to proclaim the good news of the gospel – One Hope for Every Heart.